About PharMatrix

PharMatrix will only partner with PBMs that allow for our client centric, data driven and highly dynamic approach to managing a prescription drug plan.

PharMatrix owns proprietary rights to industry tools that identify PBM “spread pricing” techniques that cost plan sponsors billions of dollars each year.

Additionally, Phamatrix exposes formulary manipulation and other industry techniques designed to maximize financial returns to the PBM at the expense of the plan sponsor and their members.

Partnering with Pharmatrix brings decades of knowledge from within the healthcare benefits and PBM industry to the employer groups.

Pharmatrix clients require the PBM to charge only a fully agreed upon administrative fee per processed prescription.

Pharmatrix client group volume helps reduce that fee which the client would otherwise pay.

Pharmatrix is paid with a client agreed upon sum from the PBM administrative fee.


All PBMs are transparent to their contracts with the client. However, the PBM contractual wording can most often be misleading as to actual intent, pricing, cost to the client and overall profitability for the PBM.

Pharmatrix and select associates have unfettered PBM access to eliminate “tricks of the trade” and customize a personal plan for the client group and it’s membership.

Understanding The Data

For over 17 years Pharmatrix has overseen the processing of millions of prescription drugs and medical claims.

Rx and medical claims analyzed in unison yield a much more specific picture of the true clinical and financial health of a client group population than either set of data individually.

The ability to alternatively source just one J code claim can save the client hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single year.

Understanding the data and implementing a plan without concern for a PBM’s profit is what we do.

Contact Us

For additional information you may email Kent Thomas directly at kent@PharMatrix.org.